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精准医疗要做到个性、高效及预防的关键在于筛查和诊断,因此基因测序等检测诊断技术的发展是关键。成本的下降让基因测序商业化市场的打开成为可能,基因测序技术的成熟和商用经过了多年的发展,1980 年自动测序仪出现,2001 年完成了人类基因组框架图标志着这一技术的成熟,2007 年二代基因测序技术大幅降低测序成本,使得这一技术应用出现可能,以走在前列的Illumina 公司为例,该公司自2007 年起把当时每个基因组的测序成本费用从1000万美元降到了当下的1000 美元, 根据Illumina 公司数据,全球NGS(二代基因测序)的应用市场规模预计为200 亿美元,药品研发和临床应用是增速最快的领域,增速超过15%,肿瘤诊断和个性化用药是最有应用前景的领域,市场规模120亿美元。乐土投资与Illumina以及新一代的基因检测公司Genalyte, Centrillion都有着合作关系。


全球创新论坛纽约峰会由全美华人金融协会(The Chinese Finance Association, TCFA) 主办。全美华人金融协会于一九九四年在美国成立。分布在世界各地的会员来自华尔街投行、基金、监管部门、和学术界,已成为联系中美金融界最重要的桥梁之一。协会定期举行学术年会。协会本部设在纽约,并在波士顿,华盛顿,旧金山,伦敦,香港,北京和上海等金融中心设有分会。

Pluto's weather is more active than we thought ( inetryconydot @ 2015-11-06 11:55:47 )
Pluto's weather is more active than we thought
With each batch of images that rolls in from New Horizons, scientists learn more about Pluto's characteristics.
When Scripture Is the Rule of Law ( RonaldteeM @ 2015-11-19 18:53:31 )
Organizations can compel their customers and employees to resolve disputes in arbitration proceedings bound not by state or federal law, but by religious edict.
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Ice Sheet Forecast Suggests Disastrous Sea Rise by 2100 ( DarrylSn @ 2016-04-04 19:46:52 )
The computer program, which accurately modeled past sea levels,
predicts up to three feet of sea level rise from Antarctica by 2100.
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Libi’s capture — in a daylight operation inside of Libya’s capital city, where he had been living openly — brings the tally of the 21 indicted in the embassy bombings to eight killed (including Bin Laden), 10 captured (six convicted, one who died while under house arrest and now three in or awaiting trial) and three still at large.
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So if you bucked the frugal option, accepting that a new car's value decreases by 11 percent on average as soon as the odometer rolls to "1," here are a few bad habits you can avoid to mitigate any further depreciation on your new vehicle:
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The Jacksons have two mares (one a miniature) they wish to breed, and also want to buy three foals. They expect to need a barn for hay storage and a run-in-shelter for the horses. Plus, they want to update the farmhouse they call home.
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The Patriots, Saints and Dolphins joined the Kansas Chiefs with their third straight victories of the new season while the New York Giants and Washington Redskins were left wondering where their first wins will come from after embarrassing defeats.
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Raasuk is another serving of the unique, musically omnivorous sound that made their first two albums a success in Lebanon, with influences numbering rock, jazz, electro and the Arab tradition of tarab fusing into an unmistakable whole.
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