The Truth About Zits

Nearly every person on the planet will have to deal with a zit or spot at some time in their lives.  While there is a lucky few who go through life with blemish free skin, the most of us will have to deal with an outbreak of pimples on more than one occasion.

With some people it can be hereditary, while with others it can be a wide range of issues including hormonal, diet, stress and environmental factors which can cause breakouts.

It is not true to say that spots or acne are caused by not washing the skin enough, indeed it can be sometimes made worse by over washing or scrubbing the skin, or using harsh creams or chemical washes which will strip the skin of its natural oils making it red and inflamed.  This in turn will cause the oil glands to try and over compensate, and produce more sebum which is what you try to avoid in the first place.

It is this sebum which starts to clog the pores, and this leads to getting zits or pimples.  It’s best to try gentle methods of cleaning the skin, as well as adding fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet, as these will help balance the hormone and pH levels in the body, which can do a lot for clearing up your skin.

Natural alternative methods, and home remedies for acne which are non expensive seem to be gaining in popularity, and produce very good results in clearing up pimples.  For more information on a list of these remedies go to


Natural Methods Of Clearing Up Spots

While some people rely on soaps and creams and harsh face washes to clear up their skin, they often wonder why these products specifically designed to clear up spots and acne do not always work as well as they claim to, or more often than not, make their skin very dry and inflamed.

The chemicals in these products can be very aggressive and strong, especially for those with sensitive skin, and in the quest to try and clear up any outbreaks of pimples, they are left with very dry and red skin.  The solution to this is to try natural methods and ingredients which you can find in your own home.

More and more people are swearing by this natural method of treating acne and pimples because the products you put on your skin are a lot gentler and actually good for your skin.  Best of all, natural remedies actually work, and can sometimes work better than their harsher chemical alternatives.

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